Laid back, are the first thoughts that come to my mind when trying to describe ChengDu. After living in China for 4 years and traveling to over 20 different cities in China, Chengdu is the one city that felt different. What do I mean by different, I mean slow. Everywhere I went in China the pace of life felt fast, I like that, don't get me wrong, but I also like to chill out and the people of Chengdu live that motto everyday.

I decided to beat the rush and travel to Chengdu before the Mid-Autumn Festival began, when all the tourist flock to this paradise of a city turning it from laidback to chaos. While he was in class teaching I was out and about exploring.

Chengdu is famously known for it's food, it's spicy, it's delicious, and you can't stop eating it. It's a city built for foodies. From hot pot, to noodles there are so many delicious things to try that you need at least a year to live here.

On top of the food there is also a great array of sights and attractions to see and do. From the world famous Panda's to the Four-Sister mountains, ChengDu has what you want.