PingJiang Lu is a historic old street located in the middle of the city almost across the street from the famous Suzhou University. You can start from many locations but I always start by entering from GanJiang Lu. It's over 5,000 feet long and is situated right up against a lovely canal. As you walk through down the road you will encounter many different types of street food, restaurants, and gift shops.While it's certainly become more toursity it's a certainly a sight to see. Just keep in mind the date when you go as during National Holidays this street will be full of people enjoying a stroll through the Old Town.

There was a couple places I would frequent while living here down on PingJiang Lu. One was called Up Down If(上下如). This was a cozy little restaurant, bar, hookah lounge that had a wonderful outdoor patio. The patio had these rooms off to the side of the patio with pillows where I would go to lie down, read a book, do some writing, and smoke some Hookah. I never ordered the food, but I would try some of their Baijiu mixed drinks or whatever beer they had in stock from PandaBar. This place is located right at the end of the first half of PingJiang Lu before you cross the street, across from the canal.

The second place I would frequent was a bit further down near the end of PingJiang Lu. This was a nice tea and waffle house. The waffles were always made fresh, and the tea was locally sourced. It was run by some college students from Suzhou University. After a long walk it was were I always chose to end the trip.

I highly recommend bringing your camera as their are many great spots for some solid photos.